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Volunteer services

Did you know that any volunteering work that you do during your school and college days can actually come handy in helping you get into your dream job or dream company… and even better… volunteering activities can help you identify your dream job! Share your volunteering experiences, concerns, queries, and anything else.
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School Trips

Some of the best memories and the best of friends are created during ones school trips! And why not… all the adventures, all the excitement, first time away from home, new family in the face of friends… it is bound to leave ever lasting impression in one's mind. Share your school trip stories, memories, awkward moments, happy moments, and much more…
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Debates and Elocution

Let's just first clear this out that Debates and Elocution are two different things all together. A debate refers to a discussion or an interactive argument with another person on a particular topic whereas elocution means giving a public discourse with the speaker giving emphasis on the pronunciation, gestures, tone, pitch, vocals, grammar, style, and delivery.
Having cleared that basic difference, let’s roll the dice for all your queries related to debates and elocution… how to prepare, what is the right method, what to do, what not to do… and the saga continues…