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we can make a career as an astronomer also?? Really? I never knew that! How can one become an astronomer?


i have given my ssc exam very well...now i am very much confused about what to choose...science or commerce?? i am very good in mathematics and i do like physics...earlier i have thought of becoming astronomer and aerospace engg....i don't want to be doctor...if i study well i can be an engineer...but which field should i choose in enggineering??? .but now my parents said that i should take commerce to become CA...also i would to be IAS officer by giving MPSC exam...i am totally confused what to do...please give me a good direction.


Before you can choose the right life, you need to know about yourself. Your values, curiosity, soft skills, and special skills, along with your personality type, make you some professions in a good fit for others totally inappropriate. Use self assessment tools, often collect information about your life and create a list of jobs that are good on the basis of it. Some people choose to work with a professional consultant or other life-sized expertise to guide this process.

At this point, you have several self employment opportunities that you can use. Every self-assessment tool you are using is created. Keep yourself organized and add them to a master list Next, you need to find any kind of jobs in your lists. You know a bit and need more explore. Also, you may not be aware of the professions you do not know. You can learn something unexpected. Add that to your master list.

Find out the job details and published resources in education, training and licensing requirements. Learn about prospects for improvement. Use the government-made labor market to obtain data on revenue and employment. If you do not accept the reasons for starting a business already, you can cross your list. Remove all the duties you do not appeal to. Remove employees with weak work viewers.

If you do not like or wish to meet the needs of education or other needs, leave any occupation or if you have some gentle skills required to win. When you have only a few occupations in your list, start making more profound research. Arrange to meet people who work in the occupations you want. They can provide first-hand knowledge about your short list professional.

Access your network, including the center, to find people with these information interviews. Finally, after your research is over, you may be ready to make your choice. Select the aggression you think will bring you more satisfaction based on the information you have collected
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The most significant subjects to learn to become an astronomer, are material science, maths, and science. Take everybody of these you can in secondary school, on the off chance that you are thinking of pursuing astronomy in dissertation proofreading service. It will take some genuine diligent work, however it isn't troublesome, per state.

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